Calvary Alameda

Calvary Alameda is located in Grand Street, by Lincoln Avenue.  We are a full gospel church affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

Events at Calvary

Throughout the year, Calvary plans several special events. Please contact us if you would like more specific information.


There's more to Easter than egg hunts and fuzzy bunnies. Easter is a time to celebrate Christ's death and resurrection, the payment that Jesus made in order to make our spiritual lives debt and death free. At Calvary we celebrate this truth through a special Easter celebration, which includes performing and visual arts segments woven into a pertinent message from our Pastors.


We love to celebrate the gift our Heavenly Father gave to the world through Jesus Christ. There are many ways that we celebrate while introducing others to the joy of Christ. During Christmas time, Children's Church sponsors various ministries that reach out to families and children in need during the holidays . Our Women's Ministry sponsors a Christmas Banquet for women to enjoy. Additionally, Calvary holds a Christmas Eve candle light service, an intimate service of worship, singing and performance arts aimed at honoring the birth of Jesus Christ.

For more information regarding our Christmas time activities and events, feel free to contact our office. 


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