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Calvary Alameda is located in Grand Street, by Lincoln Avenue.  We are a full gospel church affiliated with the Assemblies of God.

Choose to see Jesus in everyone, choose to see the Father


Will you see Jesus in each of them
            These are souls He suffered for
            There is hope for them
            Open up your heart
            There is grace, is grace for them
            Or do you think they’ve gone too far?
            These are part of the lyrics of a Christian 80’s song by Steve Camp. It is a song found on the appropriately titled album: JUSTICE. The song's message is very powerful and it emphasizes the challenge for us to see Jesus in all people. The people we love, the people we tolerate, the people we hate, the people we fear, the people we judge, the people we ignore, the people who have hurt us; ALL people, no exceptions.
            This past Sunday night at our L.I.F.E. Group, we discussed about seeing Jesus, in people in our lives. We all confessed that if we saw the image on Jesus on each person we would not react the way we have in the past to an offense. So what is stopping us from seeing the image of Jesus in those around us? What is stopping others from seeing the image of Jesus in you?
            Jesus tells us that anyone who seen Him has also seen the Father (John 14:7-9). What does that tell us? That if we choose to see Jesus in everyone, we also choose to see the Father. Who doesn’t want that? The key to being able to do this is simple, but simple does not mean effortless or easy. The one simple thing we need to do is be intentional.
            adje ctive 
                              done on purpose; deliberate
            To do something on purpose or to be deliberate on accomplishing something means that we need to prepare for it and focus on getting it done. In other words, it takes great effort on our part. Is it a challenge to do this? YES. Can it be done? YES. Are we expected to do it or can we take a pass on this one? YES. We are expected to do this. NO. We cannot take a pass on this one. Matthew 25:31-46 talks about the sheep and goats. I encourage to read and study this scripture. The attitude and heart of the goats did not see Jesus in each person they encountered. Instead they tried to see Jesus in the empty actions they did. The attitude and heart of the sheep, however, saw Jesus in every person they came in contact with.
            There is no coincidence in the fact that Jesus calls us His sheep and not His goats. He is our shepherd and we are His sheep, we follow Him because we know His voice (John 10:4). It’s time we start acting like the sheep He has called us to be. We need to hear His voice and see Him in every person we come across. Loving everyone around us will not be easy, but it will be made attainable when we see our creator, savior, and LORD in each of them.
Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Nathan
Holy Spirit,
You who first wooed me and brought me to the knowledge of Christ, please guide me, empower me, and give me the eyes to see Jesus in every person I come across. Challenge me each day to make the effort, to be intentional, to purposefully see Jesus in everyone and treat them, love them, and serve them accordingly. Please open the eyes of those around me to see Jesus in me as well. We are all image bearers. Let us clearly see Jesus. AMEN!

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