Calvary Alameda

Calvary Alameda is located in Grand Street, by Lincoln Avenue.  We are a full gospel church affiliated with the Assemblies of God.


Worship Leaders:  Meliza Surdi, Ms. Bobbie Furlong, P. Esra Paano, and Myles Darnell

E. Guitarists:  Ken Kahrs & Michael Solan

A. Guitarists:  P. Esra Paano

Bassists:  Myles Darnell

Keyboardist:  Jennie Morrill

Pianist:  P. Esra Paano

Drummer:  Darryl Morris & Mike Morenz

Singers:  Luz Morris, Woody Woodrow, Yolanda Harden-Koukoungon, Sumer Morenz, Gina Ledesma, Cora Luber, Ruth Lyons, Linda Green, Cicero Lacaba, Jennie Morrill, Keith Black

Sound Techs:  Gwen Paano, Keith Balasuriya, Nic Capule, Theo Koukoungon

Video Techs:  Robert Willcock, Zach Lanni, Bertrick Baylosis

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