Calvary's Ministry Team

We have a wide range of personalities working on staff here at Calvary, from a Passionate Latino Pastor to a laid back Filipino Worship Pastor. We come from different walks of life, backgrounds, and eras but we have one thing in common- people. We love working together to help and love on others. You will find our staff to be full of life, energy and the love of Christ. There's nothing we love more than to see our Calvary Alameda family happy and smiling, and we would love for you to stop by our office to visit.


Pastors Nathan & Gena Batres | Lead Pastor

Birthdate:      January 30th

Birthplace:     Nicaragua

Family:     Wife- Gena; Son- Leo [Lay-Oh]; Daughter- Isa

Education:      Ministerial Credentials: Berean College, Springfield, Missouri.

Favorite Meal:      Carne Asada, rice & beans

Interests:      I love books, cooking, baking, the outdoors, adventures, drawing, trains, airplanes, building things like model airplanes and rockets, and movies!

Contact:      (510) 521-1943 ext. 109


Pastor Kurt & Linda Klose | Missions Pastor

Birthdate:      March 6th

Birthplace:      Frankfurt, Germany

Family:     Wife: Linda

Education:      BA in Business: Central Washington University; Ministerial Credentials: Berean College, Springfield, Missouri.

Favorite Meal:      Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs with Lemon

Interests:      Road trips and train travel with my better half, and playing with anything that has buttons to push.

Contact:      (510) 521-1943 ext. 101


Pastor Esra Paaño | Worship Pastor

Birthdate:      September 21st

Birthplace:      Tondo, Metro Manila, Philippines

Family:     Wife: Gwen, Daughters: Claire & Casey, Son: Caedmon

Education:      BA in Biblical Studies at Patten University, Oakland, CA

Favorite Meal:      Lasagna & Seafood Alfredo from Olive Garden

Interests:      Basketball, Video Games, Sleeping, and playing & arranging music.

Contact:      (510) 521-1943 ext. 114

Jana Willcock | Children's Director

Birthdate:      November 26th

Birthplace:      Bellevue, WA

Family:     Husband: Robert, 3 kiddos

Education:      MA in French from SFSU, BA in French from SSU

Favorite Meal:      Anything Mexican

Interests:      Reading, jogging, hanging out at the beach

Contact:      (510) 521-1943;


Peggy Brumfield |  Women's Pastor

Birthdate:  May 27th

Birthplace:    Washington, DC

Family:   Husband: Jim, 4 children, 7 grandchildren

Education:   BA, French, Secondary Education, Ministerial Credentials (Berean)

Favorite Meal:    Southern & Italian Food

Interests:   Writing, Cooking, and Reading

Contact:   (510) 521-1943;

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