Calvary is having a Housewarming!

The Women's Ministries is sponsoring a kitchen update! Our kitchen is well used and is in need of some tender loving care. It's getting cleaned and organized and old gadgets and utensils are being replaced. With this update to our kitchen, it will be easier to plan and deliver great church events we can all enjoy. 

So, we need your help. We've developed a Registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond with new items to get us started. The items can be purchased online or at the store. (Don't forget you can use your coupons.) Or if you prefer, you can donate funds either through our Calvary Web site or through our church offering. Either way, be sure you mark your donation for Housewarming. Thank you for joining us as we update our Calvary home!

Check out Calvary Alameda's kitchen registry at Bed Bath & Beyond!

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