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tumultuous tuesday

what  is  tumultuous  tuesday?

Tumultuous Tuesday is our Tuesday night study of the Word.
The Tumultuous name for Tuesday night comes from the Tuesday of Holy Week. Holy week is the time Jesus and his disciples returned to Jerusalem. On that Tuesday, they passed the withered fig tree on their way to Jerusalem. Jesus spoke to his companions about the importance of faith.
At the Temple, religious leaders were upset at Jesus establishing himself as a spiritual authority. They organized an ambush with the intent to place Him under arrest, but Jesus evaded their traps. Later that afternoon, Jesus left the city and went with his disciples to the Mount of Olives that overlooks Jerusalem. Here Jesus gave the Olivet Discourse. Scripture indicates that “this” Tuesday was also the day Judas Iscariot negotiated to betray Jesus. The tumultuous events of Tuesday are recorded in Matthew 21:23–24:51, Mark 11:20–13:37, Luke 20:1–21:36, and John 12:20–38.
Things happened on Tuesday of Holy Week, and things happen on Tuesday night at Calvary. We expect God to answer prayers, to be present during the Worship, and to anoint the message so that lives are changed.
Tumultuous Tuesday is not a setting for the observer, but an environment of participation. Questions answered, testimonies are encouraged, stepping out in faith in prayer, and the ministering to one another is encouraged through gifts of the Spirit.
We have a team of five teachers, male and female; their ages range from young adult to senior adult who rotate each week. Each teacher is unique in how they present the Bible study for that week. They all encourage, build up, and focus on you and the reality of the Word in your life. 
When we meet: Tuesday 6:45 p.m: Prayer and Worship, 7:00 p.m: Study the Word 
Where we meet: The main auditorium, you can also join us through Facebook Live and the Calvary’s Website
Children are welcome but must sit with their parents as there is no childcare available. 
You can contact Tulmultous Tuesday at