Focus on Jesus


            I want to share a gem I found today during my time with God. Be forewarned, however, this gem blesses and challenges at the same time. My prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit prepares your heart to receive the message it carries and that you are able to grow deeper in connection with Jesus. Enjoy!
Paper Like A Knife
Monday, April 29, 2019

A piece of paper is one of the weakest and most flimsy of substances. But paper can be dangerous. Have you ever had a paper cut? How can something as fragile as a piece of paper cut you as if it were a knife? It’s because the edge of the paper has the potential of focusing the weight and the strength of the paper into the smallest of spaces. When you focus something, it increases the force, so a paper can actually become as strong as a knife. It’s true of sheets of paper, and it’s true for your life and walk in God. If you’re all over the place, it’s unlikely you’ll accomplish great things or live a great life for God. If you’re focused— on Him, on His kingdom, on His purposes— then everything changes. The power you have gets multiplied. Paul was focused and look what He did. So set your focus; be single-minded, fixing your eyes on Messiah doing all things with one purpose. A focused life in God can cut through the greatest problems and even change the world.
From Message #1195 - Sharp 

Scripture: Romans 8:5

Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the spirit have their minds set on what the spirit desires.

TODAY'S MISSION - Today, be single-minded, fixing your eyes on Messiah and doing all things with one purpose.


    Forgive me if I have focused on anything else but You. Holy Spirit, I thank You for having brought me to Jesus; I now ask that You help me to keep my eyes on Him. Empower me to increase the force of Your presence to change my home, my relationships, my work, my church, and my community. AMEN!
Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Nathan

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