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The industrialist Henry J. Kaiser had a credo: Find a need and fill it.

Here at Calvary Alameda, the Board of Directors and the Board of Elders recognized a need and decided to fill it. That was the beginning of Discover Discipleship.

The Ministry has several critical areas of focus. The "Next Step Program" is the core of the Ministry. Identify individuals who could be part of Discover Discipleship. Identify training opportunities, videos, books, and conferences that would help someone in their growth as a believer.

The premise of Discover Discipleship is to encourage and challenge fellow believers in developing their God-given gifts.

Discover Discipleship vision is simple and straight forward. "A community of disciples from every generation who creatively make disciples of Jesus." It is about working together, so each of us can grow in our faith and spiritual gifts. Discover Discipleship's purpose is to lead and shepherd individuals as they strive in their walk with Christ. Discover Discipleship is a one-on-one ministry. There will be opportunities for a group of interested people to come together to learn about a topic. But the Discover Discipleship is all about individual personal growth.

Discover Discipleship is not a support group. It is more directional. For example, someone desires to be part of Calvary's Ministry; Discover Discipleship will help them find a place to minister. Or someone may say I have accepted Christ now what? Or, how do I study the Bible?

Discover Discipleship will also focus on developing and using your God-given spiritual gifts for you to minister to others. Calvary Alameda desires each person to act out 1 Thessalonians 5:11 in their lives. "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up."

You can contact us at or call 510.521.1943 Ext. 105