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Make Time For Prayer

Jesus made space and time for prayer. As we seek to learn from Him, we acknowledge the power of prayer in the life of Christ. As we follow Him, we too must be people of prayer. It’s a fundamental piece of life in Christ. Constant prayer. Bold prayer. Prayer for everyone.

These are our challenges starting this week and for 2023:

●What time—every day this year week—starting this week, can you stop and pray?
●What big thing, concerning thing or hard thing do you need to be bold in prayer over this coming week?
●What enemy needs your prayer this week?

Make space and time for it, just like Jesus did. To help you, we have created a prayer commitment form. Fill it out by selecting I WILL PRAY button below. Our desire is to partner with you in prayer, so if you would like us to pray along with you go ahead and submit your prayer requests by selecting PRAYER REQUEST below.


Want to learn how to become a member of Calvary Alameda? Actually, what is a member? Wait, am I already member? Hold on, I have been wondering how can I get more connect with Calvary Alameda.

GREAT NEWS! We will be addressing these questions at our annual Vision Meeting on Sunday, January 29, right after service. But wait! There's more! You will get a chance to meet and hear from our Ministry Leadership Team. They will share what God has done in 2022 and what the vision for their ministry in 2023 is; as well as learning how you can get in on the action. You will also hear about the 2023 vision for Calvary Alameda from Pastor Nathan and an up-to-date church financial report.

In 2022, we saw God move in incredible ways. We experienced growth, restoration, renewal, and even upgrades made to our church property...BUT...the best is yet to come! Join us as we Go Back To The Basics and learn to enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Did we mention that this will be a potluck Vision Meeting? See, we told you the best is yet to come!

To RSVP and sign up for the potluck, please select the button below.  |  SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2023 @11:30AM. 

RHÊMA Bible Study

Do you know Jesus? It’s one thing to know facts about Him, but to experience His love, wisdom, and guidance in your life is what it means to follow Him. On the night before He was crucified, Jesus invited His disciples into a deep relationship with the triune God—and His invitation stands for us too. In this 6-part series, we are going to dive into John 13–17, a passage rich in promises, commands, and eternal truths. You'll be reminded that we aren’t called to a part-time faith—we were made to know, walk with, and commune with God.

Join us as we take a closer look at Jesus's Farewell Message, by Francis Chan.  

We meet at Calvary Alameda every Wednesday at 6 PM. We also have a small fellowship time afterwards, with coffee and treats. 

Women At The Well LIFE Group

This weekly LIFE Group for women meets every Thursday morning at 10 AM via conference call. They just finished a study on the book of Revelations and are getting ready to study the book of Acts.

Theses ladies don't just study the Word, but live it out! They are mighty prayer warriors and God has moved mightily among them through answered prayers and healing.


Journey is a weekly LIFE Group for students from 6th grade to 12th. We come together in the main auditorium for worship with the church, then we head up to our room for engaging discussions and activities that are all about what students are experiencing on their journey in life.

Journey is a group that strives to:

  • Create a space with unconditional love that fosters genuine relationships.
  • Anchors students to principles for living healthy, wise and productive lives.
  • Encourages and equips students with the Word of God to extend the love of Christ to the world.