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A new Book by missionary nick Robertson

Nick Robertson is a Missionary we have partnered with for 18 years.  He and his family spend many years in India. They are currently serving as leaders of The Antioch Initiative, a ministry to the unreached people of the world.

God sees the whole elephant and He wants to help us see better!
Seeing the Whole Elephant gives you tools to see reality as God sees it. Beginning with a biblical foundation for viewing God, people, and the Great Commission, Seeing the Whole Elephant then gives practical strategies to grasp reality from God's perspective.

Pray for our Brothers and Sisters in India

Dear Friends, We hope you are all doing well. We are glad to see that many countries are going back to normal life. We have strict lockdown here till mid of June but we dont know if it will be extended.
We have lost so many church leaders here and friends and families. It's devastating to see what's happening around us. We are hearing of Covid deaths everyday from people close to us. Many young people and pregnant women are dying and we just pray for the Lord's mercy on our country and people all over the world. We request you to join us in prayer for our families, church, friends and our country in prayer.

Please specially pray for our brother Peter and his family from Gandhi nagar. He and his family have tested positive for Covid and he has continuous fever, body pain and throat pain for a week. There were many deaths in and around his village but we are praying that this would stop immediately.Some of our church  members were also affected but buly the grace of God they have all recovered now.

Thank you for your continuous support and prayers. They mean a lot to us. We love you and pray for you each day.
Hilda and Cynthia

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Hello Church Family,
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Our Missions giving has dropped below our monthly commitments to our Missionary.   Please help us out by making a montly Missions pledge as part of your giving.  

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Leota's back on Missions Field

After almost a year of waiting, the Leota's made it back to the Missions Field in the Middle East.  Please keep the family in prayer as they settle in to their new assignment.  

We just received an update newsletter from Cynthia Alexander in Chennai.  The Alexander family is one we were introduced to by Alicia Heinz who had worked with them in the past.  Cynthia and her mother Hilda have carried on the work started by Alex many years before.  He passed away in 2019 but the work continues on in their church called Living Waters Christian Fellowship (LWCF).  Difficult times have marked their work, including persecution from non-Christian religious groups and most recently from the global pandemic.  But Cynthia reported quite enthusiastically that the church is growing nonetheless.  An unexpected side benefit of the pandemic shutdown of schools has been more youth spending their time in church learning the Bible and praying.  This church ministers to villages around them with the most practical kind of help such as food and clothing.  The recent Christmas program they put on has seen a growth in people coming back every Sunday.  They have made the most optimal use of their limited resources and we are happy to help them.

The Colemans in Haiti

The Coleman family is our outreach to Haiti.  They have been there off and on for five years, being interrupted by political unrest and then COVID-19.  But they’re back now.  Their last newsletter was a delightful update on their status with the local people.  They felt like they were finally being accepted, making humorous statements like “our neighbors are gloriously bored with us, bored and accepting.”  Their being accepted as truly part of their community was significant.  They had previously joined forces with a group called KONBIT, which refers to a communal effort to improve things.  As they put it, “we are doing life with and among our community.”  Partnering with local churches is an important element in their efforts.  They cited an example of how this works.  A young boy in the village asked if they could help him attend church.  He was in a voodoo-steeped family, but his late grandmother has introduced him to Jesus.  They had to provide everything for this boy and let him stay with them with his family’s permission.  Eventually they asked a local church family to take this on, in order to maintain his connection with Haitian culture.  They gladly took on all the steps the Colemans had had to do, such as have Sunday clothes ready. This happy child is one small example of the work that is making inroads into this needy country.  We are pleased to help them.

Missions Update 

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Calvary Alameda is fully committed to seeing the Gospel spread from our surrounding and greater community to the entire world. If you would like more information about our missionaries, seeking support as a missionary, or would like to serve on a Missions Team, please contact by clicking below.